Our curriculum is different by design. Research has continued to show how much development and learning occur in the first years of life, and this has caused a highly successful shift in the industry’s approach to early education. We are building upon this foundation and improving the overall experience by incorporating innovative ideas that are supported by cutting-edge research in both academic development and social and emotional development.

The expectations of children entering kindergarten are higher than ever before.  Parents face the daunting task of making sure their preschool-aged kids are prepared academically, while still allowing them to enjoy being kids, and also devoting time to teaching values and encouraging the development of good character. We have designed a proprietary curriculum to accomplish all of these objectives, along with an innovative approach that leverages the unique ways in which children at these ages learn best.

Our learning approach is largely play-based, which encourages children to explore and learn through hands-on activities and interactive conversations with their teachers and peers. This approach leverages the imagination by allowing time to experiment and role-play, but in a guided way that keeps kids on track and focused on developing their skills. It also increases their interactions with others, leading to the development of stronger emotional and social skills. Our proprietary academic curriculum includes Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Foreign Language at every age level.

Focusing on community-based early childhood education, the staff and teachers at Oak Forest Academy were hand-picked and specially chosen for their education, experience and total dedication to children’s needs. As a STEAM-based preschool, we aim to foster optimal growth in each of our valued kids, focusing on their social and educational progress in a holistic manner. By encouraging every child’s unique abilities and talents, we work to facilitate their consistent and positive academic growth.

Passionate about early childhood development and education, every faculty member at Oak Forest Academy possesses the same goal for your child: to nurture his/her inquisitive nature while helping them learn a variety of life skills and social norms. Through educational play and hands-on exercises, we foster a child’s delight in learning.